Making A Move!

Hey guys, this post is just to tell you that all future posts will be located at

That’s right, this girl got herself a real domain name lol. I hope you will continue to read the blog now that you don’t have to type in that pesky “”. Posts will continue to be spread on all of my social media, so if that is how you usually get updates, nothing will change.


A Resolution Like None Other

First of all, Happy New Year!

It’s a new year and I am going to have a new attitude. I know the usual new year blog post on a quiet blog is to pledge to post more. I’m even guilty of having done it before. But not this time.

Over the last few month’s I’ve come to realize that the need to post a certain amount of times or on a particular schedule paralyzed me from posting at all. I sit and worry that if I post then I am on the hook to post again at the next scheduled time. That is terrible for my anxiety and makes me never want to publish. So this year I am pledging something different.

In 2018, I pledge to post, but only when the mood strikes me. Knowing that I do not have to post to a schedule, this makes it less likely that you will go half a year without hearing from me again.

I actually have a lot of posts I would like to do, but that schedule anxiety got to me. So you can look forward to more posts about books, writing, and me in general to come in the future. I am also setting up a newsletter or something to let people know when these posts find one out, So you don’t have to randomly check to see if there is anything new. Sign up. It should be a fun journey for all of us. I am predicting a big year for myself and you are going to want to watch.

Everyone Wants to Be Famous

Yup. Everyone wants to be famous. Except me. Someone mentioned to me that the screenplay I am currently working on had the potential to make me famous and it totally freaked me out. Sure I talk about how I want to be the next Shonda Rhimes, but for the most part, writers can be household names and no one remembers what they look like.


Writers have the freedom to walk down the street and no one recognize them. Sure it can be argued that it is the downplaying of the arts and writers, should be more exalted. They are the ones creating our tv, movies, and books, basically most forms of entertainment. And I agree with them. But I must say, until that changes, I want to take advantage of it.

I want the world to have a little joy brought into their lives because of the things I write, and I would love to get paid for that, but I do not want to sacrifice my privacy and sanity for it.

So, basically I want the perks of fame (wealth, respect), but without the downside (lack of privacy). Unless I become a huge writer-director, I think this is totally possible and I refuse to let anyone tell me it isn’t.

Diversity Initiatives: Equality vs Equity

I am a writer. I write in any way I think that will best convey a story. Usually that means a novel or script, but occasionally a short story. I am also a black woman. Yeah, that shouldn’t mean anything when it comes to my writing. The writing should be held up and judged on its own merit, but often that is not the case. Women and people of color are often not represented in media.


It’s this that sparks things like #OscarsSoWhite, #WeNeedDiverseBooks, #OwnVoices, and diversity initiatives in both publishing and film. Sadly, these attempts to make creative industries more inclusive than the “old white boys club” they are often seen as comes with some backlash. White men complaining that it is harder for them to break in because because people want diversity. Mind you, diversity is usually spoken with contempt in these conversations.

There is a saying (for the life of me I cannot find who originally said it) “When you’re accustomed to privilege, equality feels like oppression.” When programs are created to give the underrepresented a  chance, so many overrepresented people decry it as “racist”.

Cis white men often cry out “Why are we holding down the white man?” “It is getting so hard to be a white man.” They ignore their privilege (often narrowing it down to “well I didn’t get such-and-such so I can’t be privileged.”)

It is usually in the face of the few programs out there that are specifically to help underrepresented individuals (usually people of color, women, disabled, or queer) break into industries. But since they exist, there are the ever present complaints that helping underrepresented people is “racist.”


People with privilege often look at the world in a sense of equality, rather than equity. If they want to “help” underrepresented people, they want it in a way that gives those people equal opportunity as them, ignoring that they often have a  leg up that still puts them ahead. Programs focused on diversity look more towards equity that gives the underrepresented an extra boost so that they will be on the same footing as the privileged.

While this extra boost may seem unfair to some, it is what is currently needed to get to a point where were can focus on equality rather than equity. Maybe within the next few generations, industries like film and publishing will no longer need diversity programs. With then incoming amounts of diverse people working in these fields, maybe others like them will get the opportunities that were previously denied to them. Until then, shut up and stop whining about equity within those few programs and check your privilege.



Welcome to the physical manifestation of my headspace. Because it is that, be aware that this blog will likely run the gamut of topics. I have a diverse set of interests and enjoy talking about most of them. Anything from Hamilton to politics is fair game. (And maybe even one on why those two are one and the same.)

I currently write for a couple blogs, so there will be links to those found here, along with samples of my fiction and non-fiction writings. This will be the one stop shop for all of my writing and I hope you enjoy.