June Check In

Can I start of by saying June was terrible for my writing? My friends keep telling me to not be hard on myself because I spent the month mostly novel revising and I had a birthday and major test to prepare for, not to mention thesis revisions. So yeah, June was busy, but I am still disappointed in the progress I made


July GYWO: 7,922 out of 30,000



Star of Xianu: 4,178 (64,479 out of 70,000 total)

JAFF Novel: 3,870 (22,908 out of 35,000)


To date-

GYWO: 110,526 out of 200,000

Screen Shot 2017-07-04 at 11.58.28 PM


I’m doing a writing retreat during July, plus Camp NaNoWriMo, so I am hoping that July goes much better. I am determined to do better, but I am also determined to accept that not every moth will have high word counts. I need to forgive myself for June and know I will move forward with my writing. As my friends tell me, and I tell other writers, every new word counts.


May Check-In

I totally forgot I was going to update every month on my writing progress for the year. As a reminder, I am aiming to write 200,000 words this year and was trying to do 85,000 words between January and March. Well, I am doing amazing at that first goal, but kind of bombed at the second lol.

So here are my stats for May and hopefully I will actually remember to update this every month.

85k90: Over and did 55,471 out of 85,000 words total. Maybe next year

GYWO: 17,085 out of 25,000



Star of Xianu: 2,987 out of 15,000 (59, 920 out of 70,000 total)

JAFF Novel: 13,087 out of 50,000

Blog posts: 1,011 words


To date:

85k90: 55,471 out of 85,000

GYWO: 102,604 out of 200,000

Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 10.12.24 PM

Thoughts: Though I did not make the total word count for 85k90, I am doing very well and am tens of thousands of word ahead of schedule for GYWO. The beginning of the month was a bit tough for me, barely getting 500 words a day, but as time went on, things got better. I still didn’t reach my word goal. It doesn’t help that new words come slow when you are in revisions, as I am with Star of Xianu. Plus, I took a week off of writing hen I was starting to feel a little burnt out. I’ve done a lot of writing this year. Next month is really going to be interesting when I start plotting/outlining my first comedy script, plot my next novel, while continuing revisions and the JAFF project.


January Check-In

85k90: 13,406 out of 29,278

GYWO: 13,406 out of 16,986



Star of Xianu: 2,685 out of 40,000 (42,737 out of 80,000 total)

Court Square: 8,973 words (45 out of 90 pages)

Short story: 2,141 words

Blog posts: 757 words


To date:

85k90: 13,406 out of 85,000

GYWO: 13,406 out of 200,000


Thoughts: I am pretty far behind on my 85k in 90 Days, but am almost keeping up with my Get Your Words Done. This has been a tough month for writing. After the holidays at the end of 2016, I got out of practice of writing and my ability to hit my daily word count suffered. Then with certain political happenings, I’ve been distracted by the depressing real word. It is going to be a struggle getting back into the swing of things, but last night I created a new writing schedule that will put some motivation back in me. Wish me luck!