A Resolution Like None Other

First of all, Happy New Year!

It’s a new year and I am going to have a new attitude. I know the usual new year blog post on a quiet blog is to pledge to post more. I’m even guilty of having done it before. But not this time.

Over the last few month’s I’ve come to realize that the need to post a certain amount of times or on a particular schedule paralyzed me from posting at all. I sit and worry that if I post then I am on the hook to post again at the next scheduled time. That is terrible for my anxiety and makes me never want to publish. So this year I am pledging something different.

In 2018, I pledge to post, but only when the mood strikes me. Knowing that I do not have to post to a schedule, this makes it less likely that you will go half a year without hearing from me again.

I actually have a lot of posts I would like to do, but that schedule anxiety got to me. So you can look forward to more posts about books, writing, and me in general to come in the future. I am also setting up a newsletter or something to let people know when these posts find one out, So you don’t have to randomly check to see if there is anything new. Sign up. It should be a fun journey for all of us. I am predicting a big year for myself and you are going to want to watch.


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