Writing For an Audience

audienceOften when a writer says something about writing for an audience, they are referring to their imagined (or not so imagined) future readers. This is usually what we consider a writer’s audience. It’s not like we are musicians that play in front of people. Or are we?

Writers all have a myriad of ways that help them write. One of my ways is to put myself in a situation that I am forced to continue and not take too many breaks or get distracted by the internet too often. I write for an active audience.


On Twitch, I can stream my computer screen as I write. I will often listen to music, and if anyone is watching, I will chat with viewers. They generally will ask questions about what you are writing and this can carry over to them being interested as future readers.

There is a thriving community in what is called Twitch Creative. There you can watch artists paint or someone compose a song or sew something. There are hundreds of people doing different things. Per my interests, there is a subsection devoted totally to writing.

Of course, since I have not published anything, I am not sure if the translation of viewers to readers works, but for now it is a fun way for me to write and gets me to stop procrastinating. And honestly, who can ask for more than that.

Have you ever tried streaming? Have you ever watched a streamer?


2 thoughts on “Writing For an Audience

  1. I just don’t understand streaming your writing. I can see watching a fast-forwarded video of someone writing, or perhaps a stream of someone revising. I’d probably learn something from that. But doesn’t it make you uncomfortable having people watch you while you write? What if they hate your writing? What if you cut it later? And I write really slowly. Isn’t that super boring to watch?


    • Most streams of writing I watch and participate it, the streamer is also chatting with people. It’s not just you sitting in silence watching. They can be pretty fun. Though I can completely understand why they are not for everyone. Also, sometimes people can tell you if passages don’t work or you can ask them for name suggestions or word choices. It can be an interactive thing.

      Personally, I am not uncomfortable when people watch me. It can serve as a source of motivation. I can’t just go mindlessly scroll Twitter because people are expecting me to write, so it forces me to pay attention to what I am doing. I’m sure others have different reasons for streaming or watching, too.


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