Originals And Comics And Franchises, Oh My!

Writing makes my world go round. When I am not writing (which is far too often) I am thinking about all the things that I want to write. So many original ideas run around my head on a daily basis. Most writers I know are the exact same. We all want to see the stories in our heads play out for the world to see, be it on screen or on page. I feel like I should preface this next part with a paraphrasing quote from Mean Girls. I’m not a regular screenwriter. I’m a cool screenwriter.


You see, I constantly hear from other writers that they only want to write original stuff, they don’t want to become a cog in the machine of Hollywood and crank out things for franchises or adaptations. Be prepared to judge me for the worse, but I do. I do want to write for franchises, I do want to make a superhero movie, I do want the chance to adapt a novel.

I grew up loving these movies alongside my love of the classics. As I write this I am upset because I have to wait a day to see Captain America: Civil War (and I have plans to see it multiple times opening weekend). I am a total geek girl and I love these movies. It would be a dream to be a part of bringing the wonder of things I love to the world.

It seems that many consider the people that write these movies are only doing it for the money, but I am sure my desire comes from one of two things. I freakin’ love comic books. Give me a chance to write a Ms. Marvel movie and I will hop on it in a second. Origin story for Harley Quinn? Yes, please. Do I already have ideas for a modern retelling of Pygmalion? You bet I do. Of course I want to write my original specs, but my love of comics and novels too.

The other reason may be because of where I got my start in writing. Some of my first real substantial writings were fanfiction. No longer media’s dirty little secret, fanfiction has become more prevalent and makes me less ashamed to talk about my writing roots. As a fanfic writer, I frequently play in other people’s worlds. I take something others have created and morph it into something new and unique to me and that gives me great pleasure. I get to play in a world I love, and what are franchise movies if not that?